InSTYLE magazine publishes an interesting report about the color and the origins of FLATT. As examples, it shows the OPORTO Green bag together with the SANTORINI Aqua backpack  and the OLE OLE bag, in a full color combination!

In her report, as a leading trend, they explains that the search for practical solutions for urban women led Marta Sotés and Mikel Zarandona, from the world of advertising, to create the neoprene accessories firm FLATT, based in Bilbao.

Why FLATT’s name?

We liked its meaning as something fine, light, subtle … like the materials we use. Also its evocation to diaphanous, natural environments, without artifice, with harmony.

How did the idea of working with neoprene come about?

It came from an old surf suit that we turned into a bag. And it was so successful in our environment that it led us to develop a collection in neoprene and to investigate about these new materials. But we are open to new experiences, both in materials and designs.

How is the woman who carries FLATT?

Each woman is unique and unrepeatable. Our mission is to highlight that charm. The slogan “FLATT You are unique” sums it up: we flee from artifices and impositions. We address an urban woman, authentic and practical.

What characterizes your current collection?

They are practical neoprene designs, light and cheerful. And in limited edition, to make you feel different and special.