Each one of us is unrepeatable. Every woman is special. In FLATT we have it very present when designing bags that highlight your natural charm. Because we believe that elegance is inside each one, and the best way to demonstrate it is by wearing accessories that show your most authentic side. Show with sensitivity and harmony that part of you that makes you irresistible and unique.


Our designs are produced in small quantities, with short runs, to help you to dress your individuality, your personality, standing out from the rest. Because for us you are unique and your FLATT accessories too.


We use innovative materials, such as neoprene, which get very light bags, for a practical, urban and cosmopolitan woman. Bags for day to day, to be in the office or to meet friends. Different materials and bags with charm that stand out from the rest, because you are unique.


Everything started from an old surf wetsuit that we turned into a diary bag. We liked it so much, that we started to develop an entire collection. The sea, its colors, its beauty (natural, authentic), inspired us. And in 2014 we already had a range that stood out for its color, its simplicity and its lightness.

The brand came thinking of lightness, something thin, light, like the materials we use. We also liked FLATT because it evoked the clear, natural environments, without artifices. With harmony. His onomatopoeia “Flat, Flat, Flat …” reminds us of the flutter of butterflies. Light, beautiful and colorful.

Today FLATT continues with the same principles that founded it. Creating light and practical bags that help you highlight your personal charm on a day-to-day basis. Because your elegance is unrepeatable and you are unique.